Tome I Word Cloud

Generated by Wordle. Wordle recognized the French and stripped out the common words, but many of them, like comme, quand, et, si, etc., still crept in. Interesting, though, that in this visualization of absolute word frequency, the words Swann and Odette are weighted as heavy or heavier than many prepositions and conjunctions. Given that this tome covers the "Combray" and "Swann in Love" sections, it accounts for the narrator's obsession with the pair in his early childhood, and likewise Swann's obsession with Odette in the years before the narrator's birth. I would have expected words like église or fenêtre or mère to weigh heavier. Interesting too that the other meaningful words that make it into this cloud are Verdurin (emphasizing the salon and the coterie culture), yeux (where the narrator reads the souls of others), Françoise (who is mentioned -- and valued? -- more than his mother), and tante (Léonie, the relative in residence at Combray).